Tuesday, January 10, 2012

White Chocolate Cake Bling

I'm working on a cake that needs a little sparkle, a little pizzaz.  How about some cake jewelry? A big, sparkly broach should do the trick.  The design possibilities are endless.  There's no right or wrong way to embellish your piece of "jewelry".  Let your imagination take over.
I started by rolling the white modeling chocolate out, nice and thin.  Cut out the shape using a daisy cutter.  You could use any shape that suits your fancy, but the cut out is an essential base to give the piece stability.
Roll some of the modeling chocolate into a thin "snake" and cut equal pieces for each petal.

Warm the cut out slightly with the warmth of your hand and then add the snakes.  My hands are usually icy cold, so if I need to warm the modeling chocolate, I just warm my hand by holding my cup of hot tea first.
Add a ball of modeling chocolate to the center and press the center with a large ball tool.  Use other tools to add textural decoration.

Add a second, smaller ball to the center and detail as desired.

I added some small snakes to the center of each petal and textured it with my small ball tool.  Add a small ball of the chocolate to every other petal and press in the center with a small ball tool.

On the remaining petals, I added a larger ball of chocolate and pressed a pattern into them with my modeling tools.
To finish it off I dusted it with luster dust.  I promise it's sparklin'.  One of these days I'll get my photo to agree with me.  Any of you out there know the best way to capture sparkles in a photo?  I would love to hear your tips.  I'll be building the cake to go with this jewelry very soon and I'll be sure to share it with you.

Happy caking!