Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Cupcake Tower

Merry Christmas, everyone!  I hope you are all enjoying this wonderful season.  I have a cake to share with you today that is perfect for your upcoming Christmas get together. It won't take you all day to decorate and won't tie you down with cutting at the party.

Enter the cupcake tower.
This design has the small feature cake decorated with Christmas balls.  The cupcakes are simply frosted with a swirl of frosting and circle sprinkles that echo the shape of the Christmas balls.
Shall we get decorating?

Start by frosting the cake with a smooth coat of white frosting.  Next cut out two different sized circles of red fondant.  I made four small circles and three large circles.  On one of the large circles I rolled the fondant approximately twice as thick and allowed it to dry for a while.

Trim the bottom edge of the cake with a red fondant ribbon and apply the thinner circles to the sides of the cake at varying heights.  I placed mine in groupings of three that were on opposite sides of the cake.  This made the cake design two-sided.

Now for the finishing touches.  That's right we are almost done!  Using a #2 piping tip, pipe some ornament hanger lines and a design for each ball.  You can go super detailed or just keep it simple with dots and lines...or some of each.  On that last, thick circle, pipe a design on both sides and place it on top in a fluffy "snow pile" of frosting.  Place this top ornament so that it faces the two groupings on the side.  Add this to your simply decorated cupcakes in the flavor of your choice and you're ready to party! 

The great thing about this cake during the party is that your guests can help themselves to the cupcakes at any time.  The top, feature cake is small enough that folks are not too intimidated to do the cutting themselves.  That allows you to just enjoy the party.  As an added bonus, it's easy to make a variety of flavors to suit any pallet.

Hope y'all have a very merry Christmas!