Monday, June 24, 2013

Hobbit Hole Cake

As promised, here is the tutorial on the Hobbit Hole Cake.  I made this to be the feature cake along with the Lord of the Rings cupcakes.

I started with a six inch round cake and one side of the sports ball cake.

Cut a flat side to be the entrance and frost with buttercream.

I know the pink frosting looks a bit strange.  Looks like something out of Spongebob at this point.  Not to worry, it will all be covered up soon enough.
Next, I started making the door.  I rolled out some green fondant and cut out a circle.  It was approximately 3 inches in diameter.  Using a ruler and a veining tool, I embossed it to look like wooden planks.  Then I wrapped the door with a thin snake of brick red fondant.
To the cake itself I applied  some tan fondant.  You could cover the cake completely if you wish.  I chose to only cover the front entry way since the rest of the "hill" would be grass.  Then I attached some log structure made of brown fondant and attached the door.  I used a knife to press the brick indentations into the red door surround.  Don't worry about any corn starch left on the fondant at this point.  That will all be taken care of in a minute.
Using a spatula, I spread the green buttercream for grass and placed a few fondant stepping stones.
At this point it is really starting to come together.  I added a chimney made out of varying shades of brown.  Also, and this is the most important part, I painted the wood, chimney, stones, and door with food color paint.  Adding the color variation on these pieces really makes them come to life and look more vibrant.(it also gets rid of any corn starch)
To finish it off I piped some fluffy grass around.  I think it's ready for a mow now.  I also added the golden door knob.  It just wouldn't be Bilbo's home without it.
With that the Lord of the Rings cupcake tower is complete.