Monday, February 18, 2013

Art Class - What is it?

The other day I had some spare cake and some leftover frosting, which happens in this house more often than I care to admit.  And since we never let spare cake go to waste(that's considered a crime in these parts) I decided to make a little art project for my kids.  What's better than an art project that you can eat, I'd like to know!

Here is the spare cake in question.  It was a rectangular shape and frosted with an off-white/ivory frosting.  My two boys were each given one long side and one short side to decorate, essentially dividing it diagonally.  They had frosting in brown, light brown, and black to decorate with.  So, what is it?  I was amazed with how quickly each of them decided on their answer!  And because I'm their mother I will also brag on how creative their solutions were!

First we have the US mail box.  He even wanted to iron his sides smooth(viva method)  to make it more realistic.  Time to check the mail!

Next is the adobe hacienda.  The un-smoothed frosting was a perfect texture for adobe.  All he was missing was a cactus out front.  Too bad I didn't have any leftover green frosting.

What would you have made?