Monday, January 21, 2013

Textured Hearts Valentine's Cupcakes

My boys are forever springing events on me.  You know,  those parties that you find out about just a few days before they happen.  This year I hope they don't catch me off guard.  If you fall into the same trouble I usually do and need to create some Valentine magic in no time, give these a try.  I made them last year on short notice.  It worked out great!  Make the hearts up the day before so they have time to dry.

This is the stamp that I used to emboss the fondant.  Any fondant embossing stamp would work.  After rolling out the fondant, dust it liberally with corn starch.  Press the stamp into the fondant.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Blue Ruffle Flower Cake

Here's a simple design that is good for almost any occasion.  It starts with a piped ribbon and features a simple ruffle flower.
My laser level sure came in handy while piping.  The dots seemed like a good idea before I started.  I was just about cross-eyed by the time I finished.