Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fall Baking Tip - Works for me Wednesday

I love baking in the fall.  It always makes the house smell so good.  Recently I've fallen in love with Apple Pie Bread from My Baking Addiction.  It is so delicious!  It has so many of my favorite things...nuts, cranberries,...streusel!  You just can't go wrong with a recipe when it has streusel.
I do have one problem with streusel though.  That's where the baking tip comes in.  When I bake something with streusel, I hate flipping the pan over to get it out.  The streusel either gets smashed or too much of it crumbles off. 

I know what you're thinking, "That's just parchment paper, not a baking tip."  It get's better.  I lined my pan with parchment that is long enough to extend past the top of my pan.  Then, to keep that pesky parchment from getting in the way while filling and baking, I used some metal binder clips to hold it in place.
Now while I spoon the batter into the pan, the parchment stays neatly out of the way.

Once it is baked, release the binder clips and those nifty parchment handles allow me to lift the loaf out of the pan without disturbing that delectable streusel.  Tie a ribbon on these little beauties for a great hostess gift at your fall get-togethers.
Pair this bread with a little homemade vanilla ice cream and you have fall perfection in a bowl!

Happy baking,