Monday, August 13, 2012

Lego Minifigure Cake

Do your kids love Legos as much as my kids do?  My son probably has more Legos than are good for him, and he loves them.  His favorite is a mini-figure he created himself.  For some unknown reason he named it Tin Man.  So when my son's birthday rolled around I decided to make his favorite toy into cake.  Tin Man goes through regular re-vamps.  Right now he has spiky blue hair, but this is how he looked on cake making day.
To make the cake I stacked two six inch round cake layers and cut a recess for the face.

Next I stacked on a half, ball pan shaped cake.  Since I removed the portion where the face goes, the top layer sticks out enough to form the brim of his helmet.
Here's a side shot that is a little easier to see.
Frost the face area with some Lego face colored frosting.  To make this color I used yellow food coloring and a smidge of brown.  (Is it just my imagination or is my kitchen painted Lego man yellow?)
Before adding any more frosting, I cut a piece of parchment the same sized rectangle as the Lego face.  Carefully press the parchment onto the face, smoothing the frosting in the process.  Leave this parchment on until the helmet frosting is complete.  It will protect the face area from any of the gray frosting.

For the helmet, I frosted the rest of the cake in gray buttercream.  Flair the frosting at the bottom to match the helmet.  After smoothing the gray helmet frosting, I piped the raised pattern on the top of the helmet with a large piping tip.
When the gray frosting is complete, carefully remove the parchment paper from the face.
The last step is to hand cut the facial features out of fondant and apply them to the cake.  I did not have a pattern for this part.  I simply looked at the toy figure and copied the features in a larger size.  For the white sparkle in his eyes I painted on some white buttercream with a brush.
Happy caking!