Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fondant Popcorn

I know I have been somewhat lax in posting.  Summer projects have taken over my life.  I have spent a week working on the same project from sun up to sun down.  I think I need a break!  That is why I have gotten up early this morning to talk about cake.

Give me a holler if you're a big movie fanatic!  No really, give me a holler.  I'd love to hear from you.  (I'm stuck in a summer project hole and need to know that there are other people out there somewhere!)  I made a cake recently for someone who was big into movies and movie stars.  A big bucket of popcorn seamed like a natural thing to include on the cake.  Popcorn would be great on a circus cake too. 

It's really not all that hard to make.  Just make sure you don't skimp.  You'll need more pieces of popcorn than you think.  I underestimated and had to make more at the last minute.  Start by rolling some balls of white fondant.  They don't have to be the same size.  A little variation is good.  Then cut out some small fondant flowers.  My cutter is the smallest cutter from the basic Wilton flower making kit.(pictured at the bottom of this post.)

Using a ball tool or the end of a paint brush, cup the flowers.  Attach the flowers to the fondant balls with a smidge of water.

Add some variety by putting two flowers on some of them, if you'd like.  If you have time, let these dry for a while.  It will make handling them much easier.  I tried it both ways(since I didn't make enough).  It's definitly easier to let them dry first.

Now the popcorn needs a little color.  I used some cocoa powder to dust some brown color into the centers of the flowers.  Use a dry bush and pretend that it's eye shadow.  You could also use petal dust if you have it.
Popcorn needs butter at the movies so I dusted on a little yellow.  Again, petal dust would be swell.  I dusted the yellow randomly.  These are now ready to add to your cake or you can store them in a container out of any sunlight.

That's all I have for you today.  Now I have to get back to my project.  If I don't finish up soon, I think I might go berzerk!  Now where was my paint brush?