Friday, June 8, 2012

Princess Castle Cake

Princesses, castles, knights in shinning's what little girl's dreams are made of.  This cake was made for a sweet little girl.  Her favorite princesses were looking out of the windows.

The cake itself is just a simple, off set, two tiered cake.  I used icing images for the princesses in the windows.  The challenge with this cake came in making the turrets.

The cone shaped roof pieces are made of black modeling chocolate.  To make the cone, I rolled the modeling chocolate out on parchment paper and cut out a 1/3 circle shape.

Roll up the modeling chocolate into a cone.  Press the seam together.
I placed the cone in a container to hold the shape and allow to sit until the modeling chocolate firms up.
After the modeling chocolate has had a chance to set, remove the parchment paper.
The turret itself was a bit more difficult.  Modeling chocolate did not set hard enough so I used candy melts.  The process went something like this:  First, line the inside of a cylinder with parchment paper.  Spread the melted chocolate (candy melts) inside the cylinder and allow to harden.  Using a hot knife cut the cylinder to make the stepped edge.  In the photo, the turret is upside down.  The stepped edge will sit on the cake.

Place the turrets on the cake and add rectangles of white modeling chocolate to create the castle ramparts.

All that is left is to place the roof pieces on each turret. 

Even my son said that this cake was cool....except for the colors....and the princesses.  He would like it much better with knights and weapons I think.