Monday, June 25, 2012

Mini Chocolate Tea Cup

One of the first things I think about when someone mentions "Alice in Wonderland" is tea parties.  When I was a little girl I loved little, mini tea sets.  I still have a few of them.  If you love tea sets too, then hold on to your hat!  This takes the cake for edible, mini tea cup and saucer!  The little girl in me wants to let out a squeal!

Here's the cake it was made for.  When a little girl graduates from preschool, it's time to celebrate!  Tess wanted an Alice in Wonderland cake, of course.

Ready to make the tea cup and saucer? 
You can use any color of candy melt you desire.  You could also use chocolate candy coating or white chocolate.  Melt your candy of choice according to package directions.  Spread some of the melted chocolate on some parchment paper.  While the chocolate is still soft, set your selected cutters into the chocolate and leave until the chocolate is set.  I used a scalloped round cutter for the saucer and a large piping tip for the middle cut out.  The small piping tip will make a small circle to serve as the foot of the tea cup.  I also cut out another circle that created the bottom of the saucer.(not pictured)  This piece must be bigger than the center that is cut out of the saucer and smaller than the overall saucer shape.  Hope that made sense.

For the tea cup, I filled a fluted truffle mold.  Let this sit just long enough to form a coating and then pour out the chocolate.  When it is set, press it out of the mold.  Using a hot knife, gently trim up the top lip of the cup.
For the cup handle, pipe a ? shape onto some parchment paper and let set.  These are fragile so I made extras.

The tea cup is easiest to assemble upside down.  Using a hot knife, melt the very top of the cup shape and add the small circle as a foot for the cup.  Melt the attachment points of the handle and apply to the cup.  Since the cup is upside down, the handle can rest on the parchment surface while cooling.  For the saucer, attach the large scalloped circle to the smaller circle with a little melted chocolate, putting the larger piece on top.

I dusted the edges with a little luster dust and made some fondant "cookies". 

This last part is pure genius and all of the credit goes to my husband.  I filled the cup with caramel sauce for the tea.  It looked just like tea!  Now that's a tea party!