Thursday, May 3, 2012

Purple Passion

When I was a little girl it was well known among my relations that my favorite color was purple.  Pink was way too girly.  Purple was cool.  Every Christmas my grandma would give me something in purple.  I had purple quilts, purple afghans, purple doll get the picture.  Well, I'm happy to say that some years of maturity have brought about(among other things) an appreciation of the full color spectrum.  I have decided that I no longer have a favorite color.  I like them all.  But purple is one of them, and I do still like it.

For this cake I cut out scads of flowers in three different shades of purple fondant.  I'd call the first shade an amethyst purple, then periwinkle, and last is something like a hydrangea blue.  Using a veining tool, I added some detail to the petals and placed them in bowls to dry overnight.

The little flowers are my favorite!  Aren't they cute?

Putting this cake together couldn't be easier.  After the cake was smoothly frosted in white buttercream and stacked, it's ready for flowers.  Attach the flowers to the side of the cake with a little buttercream as glue.  I started at the bottom of the cake with the amethyst flowers and switched colors as I proceeded up the side of the cake.   Pipe dot centers with white buttercream and it's finished!

Be week I might say that I love green, or yellow, or something.  But today I'm lovin' purple!