Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rowdies Soccer Cookies - Combining Two Cookie Cutters

 The Mission:  Reward cookies for the Rowdies soccer team.

I didn't want to make just plain ol' soccer balls.  I've done that before.  My solution was to combine an "R" for Rowdies and a soccer ball.
Start by cutting out 3" rounds and "Rs".

Using the same "R" cutter, cut an R shaped piece out of the circles.  I used a marker on my cutter so that I cut a consistent piece out of each circle.
Place the "R" shaped cutouts in the "R" shaped hole and bake.
For decorating I have a new, fun tool.  It's a texture mat for sports balls. It's very cool.  Roll out the fondant and emboss with the texture sheet.  Then cut out the textured piece of fondant with the same 3" round cutter.
Using the "R" cutter, cut the same hole out of the fondant soccer ball pieces.  Cut "Rs" from red fondant.  Nestle the two fondant pieces together on the cookies. (I brush a mixture of water and corn syrup on the cookie to make the fondant stick.)
Emboss the stitching on the letters with a toothpick or the end of a paint brush.  Paint the black spaces on the soccer balls with food color paint.
What's great is that you could make these with any letter.  You could use a different letter for each kid using their initial.
Mission Accomplished.