Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pink Zebra Print Purse Cake

As I promised in my last post, this is a super-duper, girly cake.  I loved making it!  Together with the zebra print cupcakes, it made a bold birthday cake display. 
This purse was built basically the same as the turquoise and leather cake that I made recently.  If you want to see the carving stage, check out that post here.  The only difference is that this cake is made with two, 8" rounds instead of three, 9" rounds.  After the cake was frosted and smoothed with pink buttercream, I piped the stripes on the cake.  A little later I smoothed the stripes as well.

Here's the best part of the cake. (in my opinion)  Let me show you the sparkly monogram!  First, I cut out the piece for the flap closure out of black fondant.  Using some stamps and decorative wheel thingy(I'll show a picture below), emboss the design on the fondant.

With a small brush, paint the design with vodka.  Before the vodka dries, completely cover with black, sparkly sugar.  Carefully lift up the fondant piece and pour the sugar off.  Catch the sugar on a piece of parchment paper so it can be used again.  Use a brush to gently remove any sugar that stuck in the wrong place.  Do a little dance because it worked and looks awesome!

Add some ropes of fondant at the "seams".  Then, apply the flap to the purse with a little water. 
Put on a black fondant handle and it is finished!  The sparkle was more sparkly in person.
Here it is all together.  This was my first time making a cupcake tower and I think I'm hooked.  You get the height of a tiered cake which I find aesthetically pleasing and the easy serving of a cupcake.  What's not to like?