Monday, April 2, 2012

Little Lamb Easter Cookies

Whew!  I just barely squeezed these in before Easter!  I wanted to make something a little different this year for Easter.  I think I'm bunnied out!  I made these little lamb cookies for my Sunday School class.  What a sweet little, flower munching, flock!  (The cookies, not my Sunday School class.  Although, my class is very sweet, I don't think they munch many flowers.)

I started off by making a bunch of legs, two for each sheep.  Roll  the brown fondant out in a skinny snake and cut the desired length for each leg.

Pipe a fluffy circle on the cookie with white glace` icing or cookie glaze.  Place the two legs in the wet icing.

Flood the rest of the circle with the icing, making sure to pipe some over the tops of the legs.  The legs need to come out of the wool, not sit on top of it.  Now let them sit until the icing firms up.  I wasn't in a hurry on these so I gave them an afternoon to dry.

Next, they need some heads.  Roll that same color of brown fondant out very thin.  I used a combination of cutters to make the heads.  First I cut out the lower part of an acorn.  Then, using a small oval cutter, I scalloped the top.

I used the same oval cutter to cut out lots of ears!

Add the fondant heads to the cookies.  They are pretty close to the center of the cookie.  Use a little icing to attach the ears and pipe a curly top on their heads.

Make a little white food color paint and paint the whites of their eyes.  Let this dry for a while.  They look a bit weird at this point.

With some black food color paint, paint the rest of the eyes and a little triangular nose.  Also, paint a flower stem on each side of the face with some green food color paint.

As a final touch, I cut out some simple, pink, fondant flowers.  Fold each one in half and attach to the cookie at the end of the stem using a little icing or water as glue.

I think they look happy, and springy, and yummy!

Happy Easter!