Monday, March 26, 2012

How to Make a Two-toned Cake With Buttercream for Landscape Design

Ok, so this two-toned technique has many applications, but I used it to create a landscape on the side of my cub scout cake.  It worked so well, I can't wait to find a good reason to use it again!  Wait until you see how easy it is!  Sure you could create a similar look with fondant, but buttercream makes for better eating.
Start by smoothly frosting the cake tier with the background color of your choice.  Since I'm making a landscape, I frosted my cake in blue for the sky.

For my stencil I cut the "hills" of my landscape from some parchment paper.  For a different design you could cut a precise scallop or maybe waves for an ocean scene.(Ooo...gonna have to try that ocean thing, think of the possibilities!)  Just see where your imagination takes you.  Carefully apply the stencil to the cake.  The buttercream is sticky enough to hold the stencil, but will still remove without damaging the smooth finish.
Frost the area below the stencil with the second color, in this example, green.  Make sure you frost above the stencil line!  Get this spatula smooth and carefully peal away the stencil.
With a little Viva smoothing, you have a perfect landscape backdrop!  You can see in this picture how it looked before and after smoothing.  Left side before, right side after.
At this point I stacked my tiers.
To complete the landscape I added a sun at the top using half of a 6" cake.  I also piped some green grass, placed my fondant tent and camp fire logs.
Can't forget the happy little clouds, sun rays, and, oh yea, start the campfire.
Here's a close up after piping the trees and placing the webelo arrows.

I hope you'll try out this technique.  It has so many great applications!