Monday, February 6, 2012

Skateboard Cake - Part 1

In my last post I told you about a birthday party that didn't happen.  Thankfully, the young man was right as rain in a few days and the party was rescheduled for the next weekend.  Would you like to see his cake?

This skateboard cake was life sized and actually rolled.  It would feed 35 - 40 people.  Shall we get started and I'll show you how I made it? For starters, this cake is all about the board you put it on.  When you really boil it down it's just a glorified sheet cake.  So I'll start with the heart of the cake.

Welcome to my basement workshop.  I started by cutting the skateboard shape out of a 1/4" piece of plywood, using a jig saw.  Then I soaked the cutout in hot water for 30 minutes.  Towel dry the cutout and clamp it to the real skateboard.  Let it dry like this for a few days.  Once it is dry, it will keep it's shape after the clamps are removed.  If I made this project again I would put some small shims under each end to make a steeper curve.

Using a chop saw, I cut some wood into axle supports and used some screws to attach them to the board.  I decided to paint it all black.

The axles themselves were made of sharpened dowel rod.  After they were painted they looked just like pencils.

I attached the axle with two staples, using a staple gun.  This keeps the axles in place but will let the skateboard roll on the table when it's finished.  Depending on your staple, you might have to crimp the staple just a little to allow free motion of the axle.

The final step before the cake is to cover the surface of the board with contact paper.

Don't miss part 2!  I'll show you the actual cake part!