Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Year in Cake 2011

I finally got back from traveling over 1,500 miles away and found the time to put all of your wonderful pictures together for the annual Year in Cake.  I am very impressed with all of your talents.  Thank you so much for sharing your pictures with me and all of the That Really Frosts Me readers.  So without further ado, here are your cakes!

Sharla Knight - This was her first cake using fondant!  What a beautiful cake!  I'll tell ya, my first fondant cake did not look this good, by a long shot.

Kimberly Pound - This cake was made with her new Cricut Cake.  Beautiful cake, Kim!  Find Kim online at

Stephanie Fujarski - Stephanie made this cake for her best friends birthday.  That was one lucky birthday girl, great job!

Kay Wallis - Kay has been very busy this year.  She sent in 4 fabulous photos for your inspiration.  She is looking forward to starting a cake business in the new year.  Find her on Facebook at Kay's Cakes, Where Imagination Decorates.

Vanessa Hadden - Vanessa spent three weeks making the perfect gumpaste flowers for this beautiful wedding cake.  Time well spent, it's gorgeous!

Let's give it up for these fabulous decorators!  Feel free to use the comment section below to tell these ladies what a wonderful job they did.  Thank you again for sharing your cakes with us.