Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Pretty Cake

I have expressed my woes to you before about having all boys in the house.  Don't get me wrong, I love my boys.  It does, however, afford me very little opportunity to make "pretty" cakes.  Boys don't want cakes that sparkle, or have ruffles, etc.  So I decided to make a "pretty" cake for absolutely no reason at all.  This cake was taken over to my friends house(who also has all boys) and we ate it.  That's it.  It was just a glorified dessert on a regular, old day.  That makes me happy!
I started by making a few things ahead of time.  First I made the jewelry piece for the cake out of white modeling chocolate, which I already showed you.
I also made the cone pieces for the bottom and the ruffles out of white chocolate.  Wanna see how?  Hope so, because I'm gonna tell you anyway.  Start by rolling out the white modeling chocolate.  I like to roll it out between two pieces of parchment paper and then peal off the top piece.  I cut around my 6" cake pan to make a 6 1/2" circle.

Cut the circle up into equal wedges.  For my formers I need them to be 2" wide at the base.  This gave me 8 equal wedges and two small pieces that I tossed.  Using a small daisy cutter and a #2 piping tip, I embellished each wedge.
Place each wedge on a cone shaped object to form it.  Allow the pieces to rest overnight.  They will cool rather quickly, but the overnight rest helps them hold their shape so much better!  While they are on the former, dust generously with luster dust if you want a little sparkle.  I used a Wilton brand dust on this cake since it was just for a regular, old day, and I have some that I bought before I knew the difference. (thumps head like an idiot.) I MUCH prefer the other brands such as CK.
For the ruffles, I rolled out more white modeling chocolate. Then I cut an arc by following my trusty 6" pan again.  With a ruffle edge circle cutter, cut out some semi-circle pieces.  Did that make any sense?  Let me try again.  The smooth circle, cut around the 6" pan, forms the back of each ruffle piece(the part that touches the cake).  Clear as mud, right?
Place these ruffles on a cylinder to set.  I used a small, glass bud vase for my former.  I made 11 pieces so I would be sure to have extras.  I ended up using 9.  Brush these with the luster dust, too.

The next day I stacked and frosted my little cake in gray.  And yes, I do mean little.  The base tier is 5" and the top tier is 3".  For the record, a three inch tier is a pain to frost, but I got it done.

Gently remove each cone from it's former.  Carefully press each cone onto the base of the cake keeping the spacing as equal as possible.  I used all 8 cones.  I love how you can see the cake through the cut outs!

Next, add the ruffle pieces.  You can use a laser level if you need to, to keep them all at the right height.  I just eyeballed these.

For the final touch, pipe a little frosting onto the back of the cake jewelry, and press it into place.

There you have it, a pretty cake on a regular, old day!  Hope you like it!