Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Cookies and Boston to Austin Gift Exchange

I decided to try some new cookie designs this year.  I had the perfect reason.  I volunteered to be part of a blogger gift exchange.  Boston Food Bloggers teamed up with Austin Food Blogger Alliance for a great Christmas gift swap.  I was paired up with Christy from Epicuriosities.com.  Since I couldn't figure out a great way to ship traditional New England foods like clams and lobster, I decided to make some homemade goodies.  Now, how about those cookies?

The cookies are frosted with blue glace` icing and allowed to dry.  I dusted a stamp with pearl luster dust.
Place the "inked" stamp on the cookie and gently press the entire stamp.
Carefully remove the stamp to reveal the design.  I wrapped each cookie individually to make every effort to prevent the design from smudging.
I also made some silver jingle bells.  I iced these in two stages.  You can choose to ice the top or the bottom first.  This makes a nice seam for the jingle bell.
Once the icing is dry, simply dry dust them with a little silver luster dust.

I sent Christy these cookies, along with some Chocolate Truffles, and Irish Cream Truffles.  Hope she liked them.  Merry Christmas, Christy!

And Merry Christmas to all of you,