Monday, November 7, 2011

Soccer Cookies

Our fall soccer season is over hear in New England.  My boys had their last games on Saturday.  I couldn't help but celebrate with the team with some well deserved cookies.  These can be somewhat time consuming, but the resulting smiles are worth it!
I wrapped these all individually and the coach, my husband, gave them out as trophies.
First outline the design with black icing.
Okay, not first, I marked the pattern on the cookie before that.  I failed to take a picture of this part, oops.  I have a paper printout of a soccer ball that I sized to match my cookie.  I place it over the cookie and, using a toothpick, poke small holes in the design corners.  For the soccer ball design this works great.  If you mark all the corners of the pentagons and hexagons then you just have to connect the dots with the icing.  Clear as mud?  Good.
Let this outline sit for a while to begin to dry.  It's very easy to mush it early on.  Flood the pentagons with the same black icing.  Let this sit for about an hour to dry, more if your area is very humid.  You don't want the black to bleed into the white.
Flood the white areas with white icing.  I tinted my white with white food coloring for the first time on these cookies and I have to say, I like the results.  Now the cookies have to dry again.  This time I gave them overnight.
Time to make the cookies sparkle!  Using some royal icing in white, pipe the team's names on the cookies.  Immediately cover in sanding sugar.
Completely cover in sanding sugar!  Let this sit for a moment.
In the time it takes you to pipe the next cookie and cover it with sugar, the first cookie will be ready to proceed.  Pour the sanding sugar off of the cookie.
Don't be alarmed when there is sugar sticking to everything.  Since the base icing is dry the sanding sugar will easily brush off.  Use a small, stiff bristled brush to clean off the unwanted sanding sugar.  Be careful not to disturb the royal icing you just piped.  This technique does not work all that well if you have small writing.  Make the names as large as possible on the cookies.
The royal icing will dry fairly quickly.  Give them a couple hours just to be safe and then they are ready to package.  I made both red and green cookies.  In case you are wondering, their team name is Italy.  The color scheme has nothing to do with Christmas.  If you ask me, this is better than a regular trophy, you can eat it!

Go team!