Monday, November 14, 2011

Better than a Bookmark - It's Pinterest

Have you heard of Pinterest yet?  My sister told me about it a while back.  It's a place to store all those great ideas you find out in Internet land.  It's much better than a bookmark pull down that extends down past the end of your screen. (Am I the only one?)  Pinterest arranges all of your "pinned" pages very neatly on your selected boards.  Best of all, it saves the link with a picture.

The other great thing about Pinterest is that you can see what other users are pinning.  Let's face it, we can't find all the great stuff out there on the Internet by ourselves.  Pinterest allows you to follow boards made by other people.  You can find a group of boards related to fashion, photography, FOOD, you name it.  It's like having a team of people scouring the Internet for you!  Inspiration abounds!

Here's the catch about Pinterest.  Account set up is by invitation only.  Here's the good news.  Since I'm already a member, I can invite you!  If you would like an invite, you've come to the right place.  Send me an email at or leave a comment below to let me know.  I honestly don't know how many people I'll be able to invite so ...the sooner you ask, the better.  If you are already a Pinterest user, give me a shout in the comments and tell me your favorite thing about it.  I'm still learning about all that the site has to offer and would love to know what you like about it.

Here's to inspiration at your fingertips!