Monday, October 31, 2011

No More Chocolate Roulette

Nothing is worse than biting into a decadent chocolate and not getting the flavor you expected.  Maybe you were expecting a gooey caramel and find that it is actually a cordial cherry.  Now that's a shocker!  My husband calls this phenomenon chocolate roulette.  He has been known to take a bite and put the candy back if it is not what he was looking for, eww.  Well, there will be no more chocolate roulette in my house!  I have found a very decorative solution.

See that little gold design on the top of my Irish Cream Truffles?  It is more than decoration.  It is a label.
  Let's face it, I have one chocolate mold that is my favorite.  Regardless of the filled chocolate I am making I want to use the same mold.  By adding a different decoration label to each variety, my husband will always know what flavor he is getting before he takes a bite.

All you need is a little luster dust, a small stamp and a soft bristle brush.   My stamp has no backing which makes it a little easier to apply to the curved surface of the chocolate. 
With a dry brush apply the luster dust to the stamp.
Apply gentle pressure to the stamp.  If you push too hard you'll crack the chocolate and have to eat it, oops.  Lift the stamp straight up.  It can easily smear if you drag the stamp.  Admire your sparkly, festive chocolate.
From now on I'll use a combination of stamps and different colors of luster dust to label all of my chocolates.

Happy candy making,