Friday, October 21, 2011

Marathon Cupcakes

Eighteen weeks ago I embarked on one of the most crazy undertakings of my life.  Last Sunday, I finished it by running the Bay State Marathon!  For the record, I do not consider myself a runner, just someone who happens to run.  That's what makes this so crazy.  My husband has run multiple marathons and I've always thought he was a bit insane.  Last May he convinced me to give it a shot.  During the 400+ miles of training I questioned my sanity regularly

Now that it doesn't hurt to walk to the kitchen I had to make something to celebrate my completion and replace some of those calories.  How about some white chocolate finishing medals?

I started the medals by rolling out some white modeling chocolate that I colored yellow.  I used a large piping tip for a cutter.

Dry dust the circles with gold luster dust.

For the ribbons, I rolled out some modeling chocolate in blue.  Cut this into strips with a knife or pizza cutter.
Form one large loop with the ribbons.
I decided to put the pieces together on the cupcake and let the frosting hold it all together. 
There we go, some little finisher medal cupcakes.
That medal in the middle is mine!  It took me 4 hours, 4 minutes, and 24 seconds to earn it.

Happy running!