Monday, September 26, 2011

White Chocolate Lace

I'm not sure why but most of my desserts are coming out pink lately.  I hope you don't mind.  I think it's because all the strawberries and raspberries at the store have looked so good.  This week it was the strawberries calling me.  Do you ever get stuck in a color rut?  I'll try to make sure that my next post is NOT pink, but that is not really what this post is about.  It is actually about lace.  White chocolate lace to be exact.

I started with a simple round cake frosted with strawberry buttercream.  (Pay no attention to the clutter on the counter.  I like to spread my stuff out when I work.)

Now it's time for the lace.  Don't blink...this will happen fast!  Roll out some white modeling chocolate in a strip that is slightly longer than the circumference of your cake.  It can be rather sticky so I sandwich it between parchment paper while rolling.

Use a sharp knife to cut the white chocolate along the template.  The template in the picture is a scrap booking template from Fiskars.

I used a selection of small cutters and piping tips to cut out a pattern on the strip.  Since I wanted to apply the lace strip at the same level all around the cake, I measured down from the lace and cut the parchment straight.  This will allow the parchment to be my guide to apply it in a straight band on the cake.  The parchment paper backing will also stabilize the lace so it doesn't stretch out of shape.

Wrap the lace around the cake, placing the measured and cut edge against the plate or cake board.  Gently press it into the cake and place in the fridge for about 5-10 minutes.

Remove it from the fridge and carefully peal the parchment paper away.

I piped a simple border along the bottom and it's complete.

This technique is so easy and provides so many options.  I will definitely be using it in the future.

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