Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Designer Brownies

I love taking an ordinary dessert to the next level.  How about some designer cheesecake brownies?
You won't believe how easy these are.

Start by spreading the brownie layer in the pan.  I'm using an 11" x 15" pan.
Reserve some of the brownie batter for piping later.
Spread the cheese cake layer.
Here's the fun part!  Pipe a design with the reserved batter.  I used a #6 piping tip.
Bake according to the recipe directions.
After the brownies cooled, I cut them into 2" squares.

This technique would most likely work with any cheesecake brownie recipe.  After searching the web I chose this one since the reviews were positive.  The only change I made to the actual recipe was to make the cheesecake layer without the chocolate chips.  I also quadrupled the recipe to fill my 11" x 15" pan.

Happy baking!