Friday, July 8, 2011

Vintage Charm

While I am busy painting my house, I thought I would share a cake with you that I made recently.  It was for a friend of mine who was throwing a party for her parent's 50th wedding anniversary.
Her only requests were to make a two tiered cake frosted white with gold accents.

 I decided to go for a vintage look.  I think these textured ovals fit the bill.
 I had to include this picture.  When looking for things to set my laser level on to mark the right spot on the cake, anything goes.  Resistance... is ...futile!!  (Yes, I admit it with pride, I'm a Trekkie.)
 The topper was made of white chocolate and painted with gold luster dust mixed with vodka. 
 I used the same gold luster dust paint to color other accents on the cake.  Using a very soft brush, I was able to paint right on the buttercream.
 Here's a look at the top of the cake with some of the gold painted. 
Congratulations to 50 years of marriage!