Thursday, July 14, 2011

Flower Pot

My little boy loves critters of any kind.  For his past birthdays I've made everything from a hippopotamus to a lizard.  This time I decided to make a critter that is more fuzzy and mischievous.

There was great discussion in my house about what this critter actually is.  Is he a mole, a hedgehog, a woodchuck?  Truth is, you can call him whatever you'd like.  Unlike times past, I did not have photos of this critter to look at while I worked so he is actually a rodent from my own imagination.  Maybe we'll call him a hedgechuck.

 Start with two 5" rounds and one 6" round.  I did some very slight carving around the base to make it look tapered.
 Cover it with flower pot orange.  I used my scraper to get the bottom edge of the 6" to be a sharp corner.
For the hedgechuck's fur you will need two colors of frosting.  I made the brown color and them mixed in some black to half of it.
Put the two colors in the same piping bag.
The hedgechuck's body/head was baked in a 3" round pan.  I actually use a can from baked beans that has been well washed.  It's quite tall.  You can bake a cake that is up to 5" tall.
Pipe the fur onto the hedgechuck with a grass tip.  The fur colors will automatically mix for you in the piping bag.
I left a bald spot on the top of his head for the plant.  The eyes, nose, and teeth are made of fondant.  I painted the eyes and nose with a mixture of corn syrup, black food color, and vodka.  They dried nice and shiny.
Sprinkle crushed Oreo around for the dirt and pipe on some leaves in green.
With a fondant flower to finish it off, this little hedgechuck is complete!

Happy Birthday to my little man!