Friday, June 10, 2011

Lemon Velvet Tart - Gluten Free

When it comes to diets, I really stink. I've never been good at dieting. When the thought comes into my head that I should diet and lose some weight, I become obsessed with eating. All the tasty treats in the pantry and refrigerator start calling my name and I end up eating more than before I was on the "diet". That's why I never diet. I stay thinner that way, I'm weird.

Some of my friends, however, have no choice about the matter. They have to make dietary changes and omissions for health reasons. I know many folks who can't eat gluten, for various reasons. In all honesty, considering my diet trend, I don't know how they do it. This Lemon Velvet Tart is for all of you out there in the same, gluten-free boat.

I found this recipe a long time ago in a Southern Living Magazine.  With just a little tweaking I made it gluten free.  It's rich and creamy and bursting with flavor!  I made the crust using these gluten free cookies, but I think any gluten free cookies would work.
Lemon Velvet Tart