Sunday, May 22, 2011

Stucco Effect Cake

Here is a cake that I made recently for a get together.  No, it wasn't for a wedding.  I just made it that way for fun.

I gave this cake a different look than most of my cakes.  I went for a stucco look.  I grew up in the southwest where many of the houses are stucco.  Maybe that's where this idea came from,but I'm not sure.
This technique is so easy you just won't believe it.  It's so fast that I failed to take any pictures of my progress, but I promise you won't even need them.  I started by smoothing my frosting with a spatula, no viva required.  Then I took a piece of plastic wrap, crumpled it up, and dabbed the surface of the cake with it.  This works best if you do not let the frosting crust before dabbing.  If you find that it crusted before you got a chance to work on it, don't worry.  Simply dab the plastic wrap into some fresh frosting in a bowl before dabbing the cake.  I had one tier done each way and I couldn't tell a difference.

I loved the contrast of the stucco surface and the delicate, pink flowers.  The flowers were made of white modeling chocolate that was tinted pink.  I used some cranberry luster dust to darken the edges of the petals.  You can find the modeling chocolate recipe here and a rose tutorial here.