Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Laser Cake Level - Works For Me Wednesday

I recently discovered a tool that I just have to tell you about!  Let's say you're piping swags on the side of a cake and you want them to all be the same drop; or you are putting a horizontal ribbon around your cake and you would like it centered on the side.  If you're like me and try to eyeball it, you'll end up with your design getting slowly shorter or taller as you go around the cake.  That's what happened to me....until now!

Enter the laser level!  I've had this tool just sitting in my garage, unused since my sister-in-law gave it to us because she never used it.  It's purpose is to aid in hanging pictures or shelves level.

Just like you don't want to put marks all over your walls to get your decor straight, you don't want to put marks on the side of your cake either.

I set the level on a bowl to get it at the right height and it gave me a beautiful, straight, and level line on my cake.  No need to mark your pristine frosting surface in any way.  You can also change the level's orientation to get a vertical line if you are  making vertical stripes.

Three cheers for Ryobi for making a fabulous cake gadget!  (Can you tell I'm excited about this tool?)  I have now officially confiscated this tool for full time cake use.  My husband will never see it again.


(This review is not sponsored in any way.  Ryobi doesn't even know that I exist.)