Friday, May 6, 2011

Dogwood Blossom Cupcakes

Is is just me,or is May getting out of hand?  I meant to post this on Wednesday evening and haven't had the time to sit down and write until now.  Teacher appreciation was this week at my kid's schools so I made these cupcakes for all the teachers and staff. 
The dogwood blossoms are made of white modeling chocolate.  I'm sure you will all notice that the dogwood blossoms I made have 5 petals and many dogwoods actually have only 4, but nobody complained and they were much easier to make with my 5 petal cutter. 

I smoothed the petal edges with my ball tool.  The flower shaping pad came from Wilton, but you could also use craft foam from your nearest craft store.
Cut out the notches in the petals with any small cornered cutter you have.  I also used a sharp knife to cut the petals deeper toward the center of the flower.
On a thicker sponge, shape the petals and overall flower by pressing with the ball tool.  If you don't have a ball tool, you could also use the handle of a large handled paint brush.
Roll a small ball of the modeling chocolate for the center.  I used a #3 piping tip to create the bumpy texture.
They are now ready for a little luster dust.
Using a soft brush, I dusted the petals and centers very lightly with some pink luster dust.
I love how the light pink looks with the dark chocolate background.

Happy caking!