Monday, April 18, 2011

Alice In Wonderland

Raise your hand if you have ever gone to a special event WITHOUT your camera.  Well, that's the mistake I made recently with my Alice in Wonderland cake.  I transported it without the teacup stacked on top so I planned to take the final picture on location.  You guessed it, I got there and had no camera!  Thankfully, the birthday girl's father bailed me out.  He had his trusty iPhone with him.

This is how my cake began, over a week before making it.  Yes, indeed, I am more comfortable with sculpting than drawing.  Never the less, this is how I begin planning my cakes.
I made each section separately for stacking and carving.  The mushroom stem is made of 3 layers of 5" round cake.

Here is the top of the mushroom.  It is carved from a single layer, 8" round.
The bottom tier is a two layer, 11" round.  I used standard dowel and cardboard plate construction. 
The mushroom cap got a covering of red fondant....
and some white fondant dots.  I brushed the whole cap with a mixture of vodka and corn syrup to give it a shiny finish.
I made smiling faces on the flowers...they are, after all, talking flowers.

In this picture, the stem has been stacked and supported and the dowels are ready to receive the mushroom cap.  The dowels that you see sticking up are actually the same height as the stem.  I like to place them in the cake with the last inch or so sticking up and let the cake push them down into place.  It makes it easier to pull your fingers out from under the upper tier.  At this point I lost my head and stopped taking pictures

After stacking the mushroom cap, I drove a center dowel all the way down to the bottom cake board.  I left the dowel extending approximately 2" above the mushroom cap.  I made a dowel sized hole in the tea cup cake board.  On site, I easily stacked the tea cup tier on top of the mushroom cap.  The dowel went right through the pre-made hole and kept the tea cup from slipping to the side.  You can find specific directions for the teacup on it's own post, here.

As a finishing touch, I made a few bread-and-butterflies.

Hope you like it.  It was a blast to make.