Monday, March 7, 2011

What's That, a Video?

If you follow me on Facebook you might already know about this.  I entered a contest.  A bakery in my area is hosting this contest as a decorator search for their store.  They call it Boston's Next Best Cake Decorator contest.  To enter I had to submit a 3 minute video via YouTube.  They are posting the top 3 videos on their website for customers vote on their favorite. Guess what?  I'm in the top 3!.  I'm going to...let video entry. Let me say from the get-go, I am NOT a video maker.  I don't even have a video camera, I had to borrow one.  I also had to blindly stumble through editing it.

I'm showing you this video for three reasons.  First reason is that I thought you might like to see who is writing this blog.  I'm really not as serious of a person as you will see in the video.  Did I mention that cameras make me nervous, at least when I'm in front of them.  I promise I really do smile...just not on camera. I need to work on that.

The second and most important reason for showing you the video is that it shows portions of my mini purse cake construction.  I thought y'all might like to see some of that.

So.....I'm stalling....deep goes.

I'm going to go hide somewhere now while you watch it.

There, I've done it.  Can you tell, this is a big deal for me?  I NEVER thought there would be a video of me visible on the web.  Sometimes life can surprise you.  Say something in the comments below so I don't feel so alone and vulnerable. 

I did say three reasons, right?  The third reason is that I want your vote.  Yes, I'm campaigning.  Go to this link and vote for me...PLEASE.  (Paid for by the committee to elect Frostine.)

(I approve this message)