Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Tip For a Bright Marble Cake (Works For Me Wednesday)

To make a perfectly bright marble cake you need egg whites.  Start with a vanilla cake recipe such as this one, my favorite, and use only egg whites instead of whole eggs.  You can convert just about any vanilla cake recipe by using two egg whites instead of the whole egg.  If you want to go super white, you can also use clear vanilla.  This gives you a bright white batter to start with.

Pour the white batter to partially fill your pan or cupcake liners.

Add the desired color of food coloring to the remaining batter and mix.  Drop dollops of colored batter into the white batter until pan is filled to the desired level.   Using a knife or spatula, swirl the colors gently.  It only takes a few swirling motions.  You definitely don't want to over mix or the colors will begin to blend together.

Now, just bake according to the recipe directions.  The colors will bake up bright and distinct.

If you are like me, you'll have to come up with a use for those egg yolks.  I can never just throw them out.  May I suggest homemade ice cream.  Sounds like a combination for a party!  What would you do with the left over egg yolks?

Happy caking!