Monday, February 7, 2011

Chocolate Dipped Valentines

At my house, you just can't go wrong with any treat that has chocolate.  How about some chocolate dipped cookies?  This is a homemade valentine that is sure to please!

Start with some heart shaped sugar cookies.

Melt some chocolate almond bark in a bowl and you're ready to get started.

I decided to make a half and half design by dipping only half of the cookie in the chocolate.  This is a great project to let the kids help you with.  My youngest did a great job with this step.  Working together you could have cookies for their whole class in no time.

Set the cookies on some parchment paper to let the chocolate cool.

I used some light pink royal to pipe the design on the cookies.

These would be great as valentine's to give away.  They can be personalized by piping names or initials.

Happy Valentine's Day!