Thursday, January 27, 2011

More Shoveling and a Winner

I successfully completed another shoveling of approximately 8" this morning.  I have not kept track of the total snowfall this year, but on the ground right now we have about 4 ft.

Thank you to all of you who gave me reasons to like winter.  You came up with some really good ones too.  One of my favorites is the absence of bugs.  Because of you I was able to figure out exactly what was bothering me about all the snow.  Truth is I like snow.  I grew up with snowy winters.  What I don't like are the trenches.  "Trenches?", you ask.  Yes.  There is a trench from my door to my car with 6 ft. piles of snow on either side.  I get claustrophobic.  My solution will be to spend more time looking out from our balcony that I have faithfully shoveled after every storm.  From there I can see this.

That's right, space.  You see, I've never had to deal with snow that doesn't melt.  Where I lived before, we would get plenty of snow, but it was always gone in a few days.  Here, I think we are looking at more like a few months.  So I prescribe for myself gazing time out our balcony window(and some taller boots would be nice, too).

Oh...I almost forgot to tell you about the arrow in my picture.  What you see protruding from the snow in front of the arrow is our soccer goals.  We left them out after the first storm.  My husband said to just leave them out and the kids could play soccer in the snow.  That was before we know just how much we were going to get.  In case you are wondering, those goals come to my waist.  Not much soccer going on.

You have been very patient while I rambled on about snow.  The winner of the $35 gift card to CSN Stores is...llinda29.  Congratulations!  You will be receiving an email from me with info. on how to claim your prize.

Stay warm,