Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pink and Black Minis

I recently received a cupcake book from a sweet friend of mine.  She lives in Australia.  Hi, M!  (You should check out her blog, Many White Bowls.  She does beautiful work!)  This book got me thinking hard about cupcakes.  And then I had to make some.  I chose to make minis.  It's just what I felt like doing.  This design would work equally well on standard cupcakes if you increase the size of everything accordingly.  I just think minis are super cute.  Wanna know how I made them?

Roll out some pink fondant nice and thin.  Cut circles with a cutter close to the size of your cupcake top.
Frost the cupcake with a slight mound.
Apply the circle of fondant to the cupcake.  Here you can see a little of the frosting and cupcake edge sticking out.  Don't worry.  We're going to fix that.
To make the tulip design I started by rolling a teardrop shape of fondant by hand.  Gently smash it flat.  Use a sharp knife to cut a slit in the teardrop, on the pointy end.  Spread the "petals" open. 
Use a small amount of water to attach it to the cupcake. 
Now roll some very skinny snakes of fondant.  Hand form the stem and attach it to the cupcake with a small amount of water.  Use smaller snakes for the pieces coming out of the flower.  Would you call them stamens? 
Then roll some tiny balls of fondant and attach to the stamens and wherever you like around the stem. 
Now it's time to cover up the edge.  Roll out a long narrow piece of fondant. 
Use a pizza cutter to cut a skinny strip.  Mine was about 1/8 inch wide.
Use a small amount of water again to attach the strip around the edge of the pink fondant.  Trim any excess.
For the next cupcake I started with two curly snakes of fondant.  Put a small ball at the end if you like.
I used a flower cutter to make the small flower.
Add more dots, leaves, and the flower.  For the leaves I rolled tiny teardrops of fondant and pressed them gently with a toothpick to make the center indentation.  Add a sugar pearl to the center of the flower.
Trim the edge with a strip of black just like the last one.  See that shiny spot?  It's from the water.  It will dry and disappear.
For the third cupcake add two skinny strips of fondant side by side.  Then add two little, black flowers with sugar pearl centers.  Trim the edge.  I could have used a few more photos at this point, but the photographer got tired and forgot.  Good help is so hard to find these days.
I also wanted a sugar pearl for the tulip cupcake but I didn't have any small enough.  So, I pulled out one white nonpareil from my jar of mixed color sprinkles and used that.  The size was perfect.

Now I want to eat a cupcake, or three!  How about you?