Friday, September 24, 2010


A growing trend these days is dessert buffets.  I've seen them at wedding receptions instead of, or in addition to, a cake.  These buffets are filled with miniature morsels of deliciousness.  Seeing these miniature sweets made me think.  It made me think about these.
Aren't they cute?  These are miniature chocolate cups filled with white chocolate, berry mousse.  Yum!

Let's start by making the chocolate cups.

You'll need some chocolate, of course.  You'll also need a mold, a scraper, and some waxed paper.
Melt your chocolate according to the package directions.  For the record, I prefer almond bark.  I decided to try this brand because I couldn't find the kind I usually buy.  This kind still works though.  Fill the mold with chocolate and firmly smack it against the counter.  This gets the air bubbles out.  You can see some rising to the top in the photo.

Let the chocolate sit in the mold for a little while.  Just how long depends on how hot your chocolate is.  Pour out the mold.  My chocolate was pretty stiff.  I had to tap the mold on the bowl to release enough chocolate.  Later I decided that the mold would be easier to work with if I cut it into smaller units.

See, two cups in each mold now, much easier to work with.  As you pour out the chocolate it will get on the top of your mold.  Use a scraper to remove this.  In the picture I've already scraped off the excess chocolate.  Pop these in the freezer to speed things up.  In about a minute(literally) take them out and remove them from the mold.  Hold the mold upside down, just above your waxed paper and gently push on the back side of the mold.  It should plop out right onto your paper.

Put some of the chocolate in a plastic bag or piping bag.  Pipe some fun shapes or handles on the waxed paper.  Let the chocolate set and then gently remove them from the paper with  a knife or spatula.
For the handles, I piped two little dots of chocolate on the handles and attached them to the cups.

Fill the cups with mousse and decorate with the remaining shapes of piped chocolate.  The sky is the limit on these things.  You could fill them with almost anything.  I'll be posting my recipe for the mousse that I used in a few days.  I love their versatility.  Even the design has great possibilities.  They can be made to look very modern or classic and frilly, and everything in between.  I think my favorite is the little tea cup.  You can also get the candy melts in lots of different colors to coordinate to your event.  So many possibilities, so little time.