Thursday, June 24, 2010

Four Loop Bow

I just love fondant bows.  Sometimes they are the perfect thing to top off a special cake.  Just like ribbon bows, they can come in many different styles.  This four loop bow works great as a topper.

Start by rolling your fondant out on a surface that is generously dusted with corn starch.  Roll it to a uniform 1/8th of an inch.

Use a pizza cutter and a ruler to cut the fondant into ribbon strips.  I'll let you in on a secret...I made two bows.  The first one I made using 1" wide strips.  The second I made with 2" wide strips.  I'll show you the first one later.  I liked the second one much better.

Cut the strips to the desired length.  Make four strips the same length as you want your finished bow, plus 1".  For example, if you want a 4" bow(like mine), cut four lengths of fondant ribbon that are 5" long.  This will make all your loops.  Cut a 5th piece that is 3" long for the center loop.

Take one of the 5" pieces and brush the end with a little water.  This will act as glue to hold the ends of ribbon together.  Put a piece of rolled up paper towel in the middle of the ribbon and fold the fondant over.  Then gather the ends of the fondant to make the wrinkles in the loop.  Gently set this aside to dry and repeat with the other 5" pieces.

With the shorter piece, gather each end and wrap it around a piece of paper towel with the ends overlapping.  Using a little water to "glue" them together.

Now take two of the 5" loops and gently press the gathered ends together.

Now, place the center loop in the middle with the gathered ends down and the ribbon running the same direction as the loops you have already placed.  I thought I had a good picture of this step.  I was wrong, sorry.  I hope my explanation makes sense. 

Take the support towel out of the center loop when it is dry enough to support itself.  Brush a little water inside the center loop where the next loops will touch.  Place the remaining two bow loops with the gathered ends tucked inside the center loop.  Gently press down the gathered edges.

Let your loop dry before removing the remaining towel supports.

Now, I promised you a look at that first, undesirable bow.....

Here it is.  Don't you agree that the larger width ribbon is prettier?  If you don't like the first bow you make, don't give up.  Just make another one!  In this picture I have already painted the larger bow with vodka to remove any corn starch and give it a nice sheen.

Doesn't that make a lovely little topper?