Thursday, May 27, 2010

Shark Cookies

My older son's soccer team was called the sharks.  I decided to make chubby sharks since they make a better cookie.
  I found a clip art image and made it the desired size for a cookie pattern.  This is the same process I used for the turtle cookies.

Cut the image out and roll out the dough.

I used the needle to trace around the pattern, cutting the dough.  This is a technique that I learned in ceramics class.  When slab building with clay, a needle tool is one way to cut the clay into the desired shape and size.

I had to be super careful when baking these babies.  With their sharp fins it was very easy to over bake them and get crunchy fins.  Nobody wants that!

I used the black glace` icing to outline the cookie and let it dry.  I forgot to take a picture of that part. 

Then I flooded the whole shape with the gray icing and let that dry.  Then with the black, again, I piped the mouth, eye and gills.

 I'm sorry for the lack of pictures here.  I made these at the same time as the turtle cookies.  I actually thought I had taken pictures of these steps.  Come to find out I had only taken pictures of these steps on the turtle cookies.  You can check out that post for some more detailed photos.

After several hours of dry time I dusted the sharks with silver luster dust, using a soft brush.

I especially loved the effect of the dust on the black icing.  It made the eyes look like little, metal balls.

I let these dry overnight and then bagged them in individual plastic treat bags.  I printed the label from the computer and stapled them to the bag.  The team was so excited to get shark cookies!



  1. Wow these cookies look totally awesome! Looks like a good idea for a summer snack at the beach.

  2. What a great idea! I was having a hard time finding shark cookie cutters, so this advice is really helpful!