Friday, May 21, 2010

Glace` Icing

This is the icing I use to decorate cookies.  Unlike royal icing, glace` is shiny when dry and is not crunchy.  Cookies decorated with glace` take longer to dry but it is well worth the wait.  The recipe is ridiculously simple.  I started using this recipe before I even knew that it was called glace`.  I learned that years later when I bought a cookie book by Toba Garrett.  Low and behold, she uses a very similar recipe.  Here it is:

Glace` Icing

1 cup powdered sugar
2 tsp. milk
2 tsp. light corn syrup

Told you it was simple!

Put all the ingredients into a bowl.

Stir with a spoon until it is clumps.

To get the right consistency, drizzle a little icing into your bowl.  It makes little lines on the icing. 

Count to ten.  If the little lines are gone and the icing is smooth, you got it.  Too thick...add a little corn syrup.  Too thin...add a little powdered sugar.

Now you can add the desired food color.  (I'm making green for my turtle cookies)  I like to use the gel cake colors.  They don't dilute the icing with too much liquid.

I like to put the icing in a disposable, plastic piping bag.  Since I only have two hands I use a glass to hold the piping bag.  Fold the top edge of the bag over the top of the glass to hold it secure while pouring in the icing.

Here I am pouring.  My son took this picture for me.  It's much better than me trying to do it myself.  Especially since I would make a tremendous mess if I tried to pour this with one hand.

If I am using the icing for outlining, I put a tip #2 or #3 in the bag.  You could go smaller if you are wanting tiny dots or something very detailed.  Make sure the pointy end of the piping bag is folded up so the icing doesn't run out.  If I plan to use the icing to flood the cookie, I fill the pastry bag with out a tip and do not cut the end until I am ready to use it.  Then I just snip a little off the end.  I secure the open end with a chip clip or something and remove it when I am ready to flood the cookies.  This is thin icing and will drip out the end without applying any pressure, so be careful where it drips. 

You've got to try this stuff!