Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fondant Ribbon

I just love the look of a fondant ribbon on a cake.  On this ribbon for my woodland shower cake, I found it a little challenging.  This is the first time I've put the ribbon centered on the tier instead of at the bottom.  When the ribbon is placed on the bottom of the tier, there is no difficulty in getting it perfectly level since the bottom is your guide.  I'll tell y'all right up front that this one did not go on perfectly straight.  It did, however,  go on straight enough that I was the only one that ever noticed.

I started by rolling out the brown fondant into a long snake.  I used a little geometry and figured that I needed approximately 18" of ribbon to make it all the way around the cake. Here's a high school geometry
reminder for everyone who has been out of school as long as I have.  Circumference is equal to the diameter X pi(3.14).  For this purpose I made it a little easier and multiplied my diameter by 3.  I had a 5 inch cake with frosting so I added an inch to the diameter which more than made up for rounding the 3.14 to 3 and gave me a little extra so I wouldn't come up short.  In short, take cake size plus 1 and multiply by 3.

Next I rolled it thin with my rolling pin.  Make sure you use plenty of cornstarch to dust your work surface.  You don't want this sticking down.  Keep rolling until it reaches your desired length.  Again, mine was 18".

I liked the width of my ruler so I used it as a guide to cut the ribbon.  I placed the ruler on the fondant and cut on each side with a pizza cutter.

Peal off the portion that was cut off. 

Dust your fondant strip generously with cornstarch and roll it up.

On my cake, I had already carefully marked the level for my ribbon with a toothpick.  If you look closely you can see the mark in this picture.

Unroll the ribbon a little at a time.  Brush the back of the ribbon with water and begin to apply it to the cake.  I lined up the bottom edge of the ribbon with the toothpick mark. 

I know, I know, this picture is terrible.  I have received some suggestions from some of you on how to take left handed pictures of my right hand doing something.  This picture was taken before receiving your suggestions.  I promise I will try to take better pictures for y'all in the future.

Here is the ribbon after all the cornstarch was dusted  off.  I used a soft brush to sweep the cornstarch off.

After I applied the ribbon, I wanted to pipe some cute little snails on the ribbon.  These adorable snails were on the blanket in my friends nursery set.  I wanted them all to be the same size so I had to find some type of pattern or template to help me keep them consistent.  I went the low budget rout and found a bottle lid that was the perfect size.  I pressed it lightly into the fondant to make an indentation.

With the circles marked all the way around the ribbon, I was ready for piping.

I wanted the snails to look like they were stitched on the ribbon so I piped them in dashed lines.  I used the circle I had marked with the lid as the outer circle of the shell spiral.  The body was free hand.

Last step was to pipe dots of brown along the top and bottom edge of ribbon.  I just loved these little snails.  They went with the overall theme of the cake so well.

I have one last post to come on my woodland shower cake.  I'll show you the flowering tree.  Hope you'll join me.