Sunday, April 18, 2010

Woodland Shower Cake

Well folks, here it is! 

I appologize for the delay.  We had a very busy weekend here.  Also, our TV satellite broke so my boys have been watching basketball on the computer, making it impossible for me to work since we only have one computer.  But enough of my woes.  Lets talk about cake!
Great news!  On April 29, 2010 this cake made it to 4th place on the most saved list at Cake Central!

During the next several posts I will cover all you need to know to make this cake.  I will also be covering some basics that will be useful in making almost any cake.  Below is a list of  the coming posts.  Not necessarily in this order.

-Tuxedo Cake/Chocolate Cake
-Leveling Cake Layers
-Cake Boards and Structural Support
-Smooth Frosting
-Fondant Animals and Flowers
-Painted Buttercream Trees
-Fondant Ribbon

It should be fun!



  1. So cute!! I love the little owls on top. I can't wait to see more close up pics of the details!

  2. What size pans did you use for this cake? Also are they more than one layer? If so how many for each. Thank you

  3. If I remember right I used a 8" and 6". Each tier is three layers. That made the tiers approximately 4 1/2" tall.

  4. Thanks so much Frostine

  5. How did you do the snails?

  6. You can find the pictures for the snails on this post. I used a lid to press a circle(since I can't draw a good circle myself)and piped the snail on.

  7. You're the best Froztine. Thanks!