Friday, April 30, 2010

Painted Trees and Bushes

I explained in my last post how to make the animal cutouts used in decorating this woodland shower cake.  The little animals needed some trees, grass and bushes to look at home on the side of the cake.  I decided to paint them on to add some texture to the design.

I started by tinting my frosting a soft green shade using leaf green and brown(both wilton gel colors).  I love the shade of green this makes.  It is very subdued and earthy.

Begin with a smoothly frosted surface on your cake.  Pay no attention to the wayward crumb in the frosting.  After decorating it will be cleverly hidden. 

Use a craft paintbrush to apply the green buttercream to the side of the cake.  I use an inexpensive craft brush that is dedicated to cake decorating.  Definately don't use any brush that has been used with any non-edible crafting item.  I only have one picture of me painting the trees.  Once again I found myself challenged with taking a picture with my left hand while my right hand was working.  So I do appologize for the state of this photo.  Does anyone have a great idea on how I can accomplish this spectacular feat with success?

I will try to explain it well to make up for the lack of photo expertise.  I'm not sure painting is the best term to use here.  The frosting was the same consistency as produced when you follow this recipe.  It was more of an artistic smearing going on than painting.  Anyway....smear the green frosting on in the shape of the tree that you want.  Be careful not to put too much pressure on the frosted surface.  You don't want to mar the surface and get the white frosting mixed into the green.  Use the same method to "smear" some grass or bushes. 

Next, pipe some brown trunks and branches with a #3 tip and Viola!...Happy little trees and grass.  It really was super easy.  Since there is no set way a tree or grass should look, it's hard to go wrong.  Carefully apply the animal cutouts and the bottom tier is done!  I hope you'll try this painting/smearing technique.

Happy Caking!


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  1. Great idea for making trees!

    How about a tripod and the camera timer for pictures?