Thursday, April 22, 2010

Leveling Cake Layers

When I first began leveling my cake layers I was amazed at the change it brought to the finished look of my cakes.  It also makes them more sturdy.

 I have read in many books to use a knife to level a cake.  I tried it...and tried it...and finally decided that I can't cut a straight line to save my life.  Then I went out and bought a cake leveler.  It was very inexpensive and saved me so much agony.

This particular cake leveler uses a wire to cut the cake.  There are notches in the side of the leveler to adjust the height of your cut.  I use the knife to get the wire started so the wire doesn't tear the cake when you begin.

Place the cake on a level surface.  I set mine on a piece of foil on my counter.  I don't recommend taking pictures with foil in the shot like I did.  It's a bit shiny.  Work the leveler back and forth as you go across the cake.

I also use the leveler when I torte my layers.

Here is the level cake layer.

Do not throw away those cake scraps that you cut from the layers.  Stack them all up and you get a lovely scrap cake.  It has two great purposes.  The first is that you can put any extra frosting on it and pacify hungry folks in your house that are eying your beautifully decorated cake.  This is especially important if they will not be attending the event that the cake is meant for.  The second purpose is taste testing.  That scrap cake really saved my bacon once.  My kids tasted the scrap cake and said, "eewww!"  Come to find out, I had forgotten to add the sugar to the cake.  Eewww indeed!

Now get out that cake board you made earlier and spread a dollop of frosting on it.  Place the first layer on your cake board, cut side down.  Then spread a layer of frosting on it.

Place your next layer on top, cut side down.  Spread another layer of frosting.

Then place your last layer of cake, cut side down.  There you have it, a straight , level cake.  It's a thing of beauty.

Happy caking!