Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Baking

Happy Easter everyone! 

I hope that all of you are surrounded by your loved ones this Easter and having a wonderful, relaxing time.
I wanted to share with you one of my favorite things about baking during the easter season.  It's these.
That's right, Easter eggs.  I just love their bright, happy colors.  You might wonder what this has to do with baking and I'll tell you.  My boys and I color raw eggs every year.  Sure we lose a few each year.  This year we lost three eggs before we were all done, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  My family just won't eat a boiled egg.  Actually, my husband won't touch an egg at all unless it is neatly disguised in a cookie or something baked.  If I boiled all two dozen or so eggs that we color, I would eventually throw them all away.  I just can't stand the waste.  If we leave them raw, I can then use them in the things that I bake in the following days.  I love to open up the fridge to get eggs and see the happy, little easter eggs.

Now I do admit, sometimes I hate to crack the lovely little things.  I usually try to save my favorite ones for last.  But at least this way I get to enjoy them twice... once when we make them and again when I bake them.

Now it is your turn.  What family traditions do you cherish at Easter?

Happy Easter!


P.S.  After Easter I will be posting about my favorite cake pans and vanilla cake recipe!